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At EDAG, we have been writing our success story for 50 years – a story of German engineering expertise. To mark our anniversary, on this website we look back at our origins while also remaining focused on the future. For us, both of these are inextricably intertwined.

We present the groundbreaking EDAG concept cars of days gone by, hear from our employees and take a look at the smart mobility solutions of the future. We hope you enjoy exploring our anniversary website.


Horst Eckard establishes the company Eckard Design in Groß-Zimmern near Darmstadt. The Ford factory in Cologne is the first customer. At the end of the first year, BMW also becomes a customer.

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History Obliges. For our 50th anniversary, our CEO Cosimo De Carlo gives insights into the significance of our history and outlooks for the future:
How well are we prepared for the changes in the automotive industry?
How can we support our customers in developing their portfolio while at the same time enabling disruptions?
And of course: What role do people play in the success story of 50 years EDAG?


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